I just did an big movement in my life.I walked a big step that I let my dad and nurses knew about my eye degree number.For me,it is an incredible thing since it is always the most biggest burden.

Thanks God.With you,everything become possible.No punishment but kind cares.Thank you papa lord.I know you love me so so much.

I am going to Australia soon.Even though,I don't know what God want me to do there,all I have is I am His daughter.I am the princess of Jesus.

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Little Lemon,Baby Angel    小檸檬,寶貝天使

This is the song from aunty Julie for you  這是茱莉阿姨送給你的歌

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A song write about my feeling of Jesus Christ.I can't live without him.I need him,really want his help and guide all the time.This is a song with Jay's background midi and I sing jamming


Melody/midi record/Guitar/chorus:Jay

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小招正式晉升成「小招阿姨」了!!! 我可愛的姪子在2013/03/14來到這可愛的世界上。他是個充滿祝福跟可愛的大寶寶~~



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Radiation factory is extremely dangerous.Even though some people might support it to develop electricity,the damages of nuke will cause unpredictably.I am definitely not with them.I do not agree with radiation factory.

Take Japan as example, they do have well-developed radiation factory skills and knowledge.Unfortunately,in 2011 March 11th,a huge tsunami damaged Northeast Japan.About one minute,hundreds and hundreds buildings crushed;thousands and thousands died.One of the radiation factory was included.At the same time,tons and tons devil nukes spread into Japan,Asia,also the earth.Nukes will last generation to generation.There is no one befit but million damages for us.

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My heart was broken 我的心碎了
It is been a long time that my heart was bleeding so hardly
It was so close,close enough to win the ticket這是第一次和你如此親膚地接近
The ticket to San Francisco

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  • Jan 23 Wed 2013 11:52
  • 蛻變




Maybe外表差不多,but because of God,I am a new Julie.


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Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to my 25

My very big wishes is still study abroad.I wanna give my children a better life.Get a master ,higher education is plus.I feel bad to see my family suffering.

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  • Jan 17 Thu 2013 00:00
  • 25

Today,I got a super big surprise.I joined Life of bread Chinese church cell group.They gave a birthday cake and sang happy birthday to me.

I had no idea they were talking about me,since,my BD is on this coming Thursday not today.I was too touched to act any emotion.

Thanks God.I truly felt the love from you.

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It is been a long for biking through Danshuei river.Everything look so familiar for me.Riverside is always calm and pretty comparing to city jungle.

I enjoy riding bike as usual.Nowadays,I keep thinking about my future.I am not a kid anymore.I am going to turn 25 in couple days.I should act like a baby,waiting for parents' permission.If I really wanna do study abroad ,I'd better take any first step!

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[約翰福音 4:19] 我們愛因為神先愛我們

我在台中旌旗有個很棒的小組長,她是我回台灣後重要保惠師之一。某天,我們在交通時提到女孩等待婚姻一事,就我而言,我相信其實這世界上一定也有一個人是上帝為我們安排好的良人,等男生和女生兩方成熟到一個階段後,在主的愛裡更被愛時,at the perfect timing 雙方就會彼此碰到的。


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不知不覺 2013年就到了,而我也從美國、加拿大和日本環遊半個地球回到台灣,回來台灣也滿四個月。有許多的不適應,就像是嚷著好濕好濕的魚一般,我不再只是單純一隻想在海裡悠遊的魚了。看過外面美好世界後,我知道在世界的另一角落有更適合我的地方,在那裡的我會微笑。


在2012最後一天,我和家人一起去看迪士尼最新動畫「破壞王」,我喜歡看卡通因裡面有最單純的美好、最初的相信,而的確我們只要做我們自己,有許多事是強求不來的。上帝創造每個人都有他的美好與優點,所以,2013年我的新希望就是「Be Me」成為上帝創造我的樣子。


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It's been a while that I couldn't get a good sleep.However,the good thing is I do like the assitance work since it is really close to where I live in Taipei.

Yesterday,I got my very first teaching guitar as a tutor.It was nice for the first class.I wish everything would be better for the following week.

Recently,I am worry too much on my future.Just like what teacher Cheng said,I am really lucky that my family support me studying abroad then why do I still hesitate?

....That's a very good question....

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今年五月,因CRU summer project一事,我的確也在電腦前對著信箱大哭,是傷心難過版本,因為我不被支持...


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